Understanding the key drivers and depth of lending market in India to explore syndication strategies in competitive environment.


When a group of lenders collectively extend loan to a single borrower, using a similar terms and conditions, documentation etc administered by common agent, it is called a syndicated loan. Loan syndication contributed $343 million (Rs. 1,886 crore) towards investment banking revenues, accounting for a 49.5% share. Income from syndicated deals have risen almost 60% in five years and 33% over the year-ago period. Four Indian Banks, including State Bank of India and IDBI Bank, figure amongst the top five banks in the Asia-Pacific region for arranging syndicated loans in 2010. SBI, the country's largest lender, with a mandate for five deals raised $ 1.58 billion followed by IDBI Bank ($ 1.41 billion in three deals), Axis bank ($ 980 million) and ICICI Bank ($ 686 million).

This 2-day Summit will focus on developing strategies for thriving in a challenging market, emerging structures in financing channels and how Banks and institutional investors are redefining the market with various financing solutions and business model revisions and understand what drives the scale and depth of loan market.

Key Benefits

2nd Annual Debt Syndication India Summit 2019 provides a dedicated platform for the industry and other stakeholders to come together to discuss the key challenges, learn from the best practices adopted across the country and ensure their firm is positioned to comply with latest regulatory guidelines.



  • Overview of corporate lending environment in India: What is driving the deal flow in India and what do corporates look for from the banking community
  • Identifying and describing the relevant documentation that is involved in the syndication process
  • How are Banks Adapting Syndication Strategies in a Low Volume, Low Pricing, and High Competition Market
  • Challenges of mid-way Policy changes affecting the entire loan process
  • What are the key issues impacting the loan market
  • From loan arranger to debt advisor: How is the role of loan professionals evolving?
  • Is diversifying into emerging markets the way to secure new money deals?
  • Lenders and the loan product: a borrower's perspective
  • Debt Syndication for future: Next Steps for Lenders and Borrowers


Industry Professionals from the following functional roles
  • Debt Syndication
  • Loan Syndication
  • Structured Finance
  • Fund Syndication
  • Debt Capital Markets
  • Credit Risk Monitoring
  • Audit, Risk & Compliance
  • Finance & Treasury
  • Banking Operations
From the following industries
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Non-Banking Financial Institutions
  • Investment Banks
  • Audit & Tax Firms
  • Law firms & Corporate institutions (borrowers)
  • Financial advisories & management consulting firms

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